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Portland Gallery

Welcome to Sheepy School 2020/2021!
Our first week at school! Exploring our new environment........
The Super Seven (Year 1)
Forest Friday Fun

Hammered leaf and flower prints

Tomatoes that Tommy and Sophie planted before the Summer holidays.

Welcome to 2019/20

Reception children on their first day

Imaginative play

Number play

Mark making

Write dancing to music
Message centre

Forest Friday/ Awe and Wonder

Carefully handling creatures
Printing in clay
Making mud paint
Splattering and painting with sticks
My World 
Walk around the village mapping it out
The Year 1 junk modeled the church
We tried out the playground
We visited the Co-op in Atherstone
We visited the library in Atherstone
Marvellous Me - How am I different to a Sheep?

Visit from Angie's Animal Antics

The children loved this experience, being able to touch and hold the animals and to show off just how much they have learnt about all the different groups of animals.
Year 1 Science

Our environment

The apple tree in September
Some of the mini beasts we found

Identifying and growing plants

Germinating bean seeds
Cooking with home grown food

Cheese and potato pie

Mashing home grown potatoes
Tuesday Church

Noah's Ark

We celebrated Thomas's birthday at church
Last years fun 2018/2019

Super structures

Block play
Playing with blueprints

Local harvest

We tried out a suckling bucket
We had a sit in a tractor

Look at a book

A parent author came in for the morning

Chinese New Year

Perfect programming

Be healthy, Be happy, Be Active

Designing and completing obstacle courses
Cross country
'Funtrition' with Premier Sports
Weekly Yoga

Inspiring Art

We made stamps
Then printed some wrapping paper for Christmas


Role play
Our fiery dragon
Warwick castle trip


Phases of the moon with oreos
Role play an anstonaut
Looking at shadows

Arty animals

Trip to the zoo
Visit from a vet
We have looked at patterns

Eco work - observations

Our Amarylis - from this this full bloom
We watched our caterpillars turn into chrysalis
And then butterflies
And finally watched them fly away
We do lots of planting
Pumpkin and peas for the farmer's market