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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing the children’s work and seeing what it is like at our fabulous school.
Picture 1 Team Swaledale at Whitemoor Lakes
Picture 2 Canoeing fun
Picture 3 Crate stacking
Picture 4 Challenge course
Picture 5 Bullseye!
Picture 6 Our Peace Garden
Picture 7 Thy Kingdom Come- The Lords's Prayer Labyrinth
Picture 8 Trip to Twycross Zoo
Picture 9 Sketching Lorikeets at the zoo
Picture 10 Butterflies at the zoo
Picture 11 Measuring our shadows
Picture 12 Trim Trail
Picture 13 Roman Day
Picture 14 Inspiring Art
Picture 15 Winter Art
Picture 16 Clarinet lessons
Picture 17 Y3/4 production of Rats!
Picture 18 Making kalaeidoscopes
Picture 19 Measuring skills!
Picture 20 Talented Artists
Picture 21 Making 3D shapes
Picture 22 Tunnelling at Condover Hall
Picture 23 The Battle of Bosworth
Picture 24 Preparing healthy snacks
Picture 25 Super Structures
Picture 26 Open the Book retell story of Noah's Ark
Picture 27 Our trophy collection
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30 Raj's Shop
Picture 31 British Values at Sheepy CE School
Picture 32
Picture 33 Creation Week
Picture 34 Retelling the Creation story
Picture 35
Picture 36
Picture 37 Creation Week
Picture 38
Picture 39 Fashion designers
Picture 40 Fashion show
Picture 41 Service to welcome Mrs Field as new headteacher
Picture 42 Cotswold Planters
Picture 43 Counting outside
Picture 44 Celebrating good writing
Picture 45 Designing TShirts
Picture 46 A gift from Mrs Ward Lewis for our garden
Picture 47 From our Romans topic, all KS2 contributed
Picture 48 Christian Values
Picture 49 Artwork
Picture 50 Sorting phonic sounds
Picture 51
Picture 52 The fire service rescuing a whale from a tree
Picture 53 Our chickens
Picture 54