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LCC - Medical Diet Menu Application/Amendments


Leicestershire County Council have launched a new Medical Diet Portal. This portal will 

alleviate the need for any paper forms moving forward, all parents/guardians will complete the form online via the medical diet portal and once a diet has been created this will be automatically emailed to, yourselves the parent/guardian, and our relevant school kitchen.  It should also be used to amend any existing medical menu's.

The form will ask parents to attach a copy of a letter from a health professional, and they will not be able to submit the request without entering accurate detail.

We hope this will help all parties involved, to ensure medical diets for non-complicated diets are produced in a timely fashion.

Complicated diets will always take longer to produce, understandably our dietetic team take more time ensuring that these diets are accurate, and we are seeing a lot more of this type of diet than ever previously.  However, as a service we value the ethos that all children matter and see it as a vital part of our role to provide these meals as and where we can, ensuring that the safeguarding of those children and our staff is at the front of all we do.


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