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Our approach to learning phonics is through using a programme of phonics called Phonics International,. We also use Phonics Bug and other resources to support this. Phonics International covers the same synthetic phonics teaching as Letters and Sounds. 


The principle behind Phonics International is to teach the alphabetic code knowledge (the relationship, or links, between the smallest sounds of speech and the letters or letter groups) by systematically introducing the letter/s-sound correspondences of the alphabetic code and teach that the code is reversible: print-to-sound for decoding and sound-to-print for encoding.


All teaching staff have enjoyed a day of training from Phonics International. We are all working together to support your children to learn about phonics and ensuring we have a consistent approach in school.


We are busy practising for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test.

Please try to help at home by practising the sounds with your child.

Take a look at some previous years' test materials so you know the type of words your child might be asked.