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Before and After School Clubs

Breakfast Club runs from 7.45am – 8.45am, with an optional early drop off at 7:30am for an additional charge. A simple breakfast of toast or cereal is available should children want it and there are always two members of staff on duty. We currently charge £3.00 per morning (£1 extra for early drop off) regardless of whether your child has breakfast or not. Ideally, we like you to book into Breakfast Club at least a morning in advance although we do appreciate that sometimes it’s necessary to turn up last minute.


After School Club runs from 3.15pm – 6.00pm. There are organised activities running from 3.15pm – 4.30pm, some of which are open to all ages, some being age specific, some our run by our own staff whilst others by sports coaches, all of whom have worked for us for a length of time. However, there is generally more than one activity running each night so there is always something for everybody! From 4.30pm we run a ‘care’ option which is a chance for the children to have a snack and a drink and some free play time until you pick them up. Again, there are always two or more members of staff on duty all evening. We charge £4.00 for each club (please see 'Charging Structure' below for charges after 4:30pm pick up). Forms informing parents of the next half terms clubs is given out half termly and we ask you to sign up for any regular care required. Should you require last minute care, this no problem at all – simply phone or pop into the office and we can add your child to the list!  Invoices will be sent out electronically half-termly in arrears.


Payment for both Breakfast and After School Club is paid through out school money on-line system.


We accept most childcare voucher systems.  Please contact the school office if you would like to pay through a childcare voucher provider. Vouchers can only be used for childcare outside of the normal school day.

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