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Portland Class 2017

Portland Class 2017 1

Super structures

Super structures 1 Block play
Super structures 2 Playing with blueprints

Local harvest

Local harvest 1 We tried out a suckling bucket
Local harvest 2 We had a sit in a tractor

Look at a book

Look at a book 1 A parent author came in for the morning

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 1

Perfect programming

Perfect programming 1

Be healthy, Be happy, Be Active

Be healthy, Be happy, Be Active 1 Designing and completing obstacle courses
Be healthy, Be happy, Be Active 2 Cross country
Be healthy, Be happy, Be Active 3 'Funtrition' with Premier Sports
Be healthy, Be happy, Be Active 4 Weekly Yoga

Inspiring Art

Inspiring Art 1 We made stamps
Inspiring Art 2 Then printed some wrapping paper for Christmas


Castles 1 Role play
Castles 2 Our fiery dragon
Castles 3 Warwick castle trip


Space 1 Phases of the moon with oreos
Space 2 Role play an anstonaut
Space 3 Looking at shadows

Arty animals

Arty animals 1 Trip to the zoo
Arty animals 2 Visit from a vet
Picture 1 We have looked at patterns

Eco work - observations

Eco work - observations 1 Our Amarylis - from this
Eco work - observations 2 this
Eco work - observations 3 full bloom
Eco work - observations 4 We watched our caterpillars turn into chrysalis
Eco work - observations 5 And then butterflies
Eco work - observations 6 And finally watched them fly away
Eco work - observations 7 We do lots of planting
Eco work - observations 8 Pumpkin and peas for the farmer's market

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding 1
The Royal Wedding 2
The Royal Wedding 3
The Royal Wedding 4